What It Takes To Be A Bachelor


#BeingFinalYearStudent, I have put my heart out to unknot what it takes me to be Bachelor.   

#Read Once!

3rd January 2009, might have been just another day for millions but for me it was not another day. The day that sets apart a milestone in my life, for my career, with thousands of around almost striving for the same.

An 18 year old lean, tilt not-so-cool guy almost busted with the fact that “he can’t excel” and only achievement he thought he could manage to get was a birth certificate & death certificate for surviving a life. An individual as a lost wanderer who presumes every other way would lead towards success. For him, it was not a “winning formula” but a “sucking parasite” that has created aspirations to get his hands dirty over various daydreams of life.

Nevertheless, life moves on and there came another chapter of life. After being attacked like an old torn football that was kicked from every other university’s aptitude and interview cycle, there came a turning point and a place where repairing was done in the name of “we deal in healing ruptured souls, if you pay our premium price.” Yes To Whom It May Concern, this is story of every other student who enjoys bachelor life for fantastic four years.

Those days when I was roaming with a “freshie” tag, I didn’t know what being in university is all about; what it takes to be striving harder to get decent grades; what assignments, seminars, projects, faculties, events, societies, GPA, quizzes, and so on is all about. It was like same shit different day. But I ponder it with delight like a fresh flower. In those happy & beautiful moments it was a blessing. Who had imagined such an unusual experience brings out a rebellious “saada-haq-aethey-rakh” wala character in me. Some things happen for our own good. 🙂

What I found early in my graduation days was that according to seniors, we’re too young for love, too old for fun, too smart to play dumb and too immature for grown up conversations and too dumb to act like a puppet. Sadly, there’s no way out.

If you by now believe that I have been into any activist or rebellious groups in my campus, I must acclaim that this piece of writing where I put my heart out is the only the first instance when I have voiced my opinion out of circumscribed boundary walls of not so friendly education system on much of false happenings.

Before all the stated arguments go into astray, I have tried with my petty intelligence, an innocent approach to speak out things that took me and wish others too to do BBA – Bachelors in Benchmarking Around. Take it as fun part, sarcastic move or something to learn about before attempting to stake your four years of life. This one is for everyone who wants something from life and somehow thinks that BBA would provide that thing.

#1 |Accept it, you’ve stake your 1,460 days|

#2 |Be the Change, Bring the Change or Ask for Change|

#3 |Make a trip; Classrooms to Peerooms|

#4 |Avoid bags/books/bucks, Keep bundles of A4s|

#5 |“NO PRINTERS” Put a reply note: Looser I’ve one!|

#6 |Shout Out, if you witness a weird diamond-eyed black cat near main notice board.|

#7 |Buy a smart phone for Seminar/Fri Time/Detention Reminder|

#8 |Have 3 Certificates; BIRTH DEATH & EVENTS Certificates|*RESPECT*

#9 |In friends with “Car wala dost” Must hai!|

#10 |C  for Canopy, X for Xerox, R for RAS, S for Seminar, C for COMPULSION hai|

#TING |Bro, you’re undisputed BACHELOR if you reading this.|

P.S : Read it once, float it among friends & to whom it may concern.

This is an initiative for my publication launching soon                                      #Y.O.R.O – You.Only.Read.Once



Complicated Theories yet Explained so Easily 🙂

Sahib Karim Khan's Blog

It was 1979 when a Harvard Business School’s professor Michael E. Porter developed Porter’s five forces analysis framework for industry analysis and business strategy development.

It may seem a little complex to many people, but we will try to understand it from a very different perspective, from a lay-man’s perspective 🙂

What are Porter’s 5 Forces?

To put it in the simple way Uncle Porter says that if you want to start a new business or analyze an existing one you must consider following 5 forces/factors in doing so:

  1. Threat of New Competition
  2. Threat of Substitute Product or Service
  3. Bargaining Power of Customers
  4. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
  5. Competitive Rivalry

A Lay-man’s Perspective – Example:

Okay enough business vocabulary; let’s understand the concept with an easy example. Assume that we want to start a business, say selling ice-cream on a cart (Thaelay wala). So what are the factors we…

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Set your AIMS High!


“High aims form high characters, and great objects bring out great minds.”


These lines truly reflect my feelings when I experienced a great funcilitating show at Annual IBA Marketing Summit 2011 at IBA – Main Campus, Karachi last week. It was a day indeed Sunday dedicated to Marketing Magical Moments. We were in a team of 5, with charged up minds but un charged laptop/digi cam batteries driving away towards IBA – to set our AIMS high.


We all were happy, nappy and quite sappy about the whole buzz of marketing, media and brands around. After getting screened and finding seats, there starts the much-awaited and talked-about show. We got a perfect appetizer from Sidra Iqbal, her speech and timings were glazing. She was followed by numerous erudite marketing gurus and professionals and all put a well nourished food for our intellectual and academic thought. But mousetrap and butterflies were roaming around and we were delighted with 2 Hi-Teas, Lunch and Dinner with regular intervals. That was the stealing part of the show.


Standup comedy (spoof on Local Advertisements) & Students Activity on 6 Degree Marketing (instant name replaced there with 360 Degree Marketing) were eyeballs of the evening. I must appreciate the true facilitation we get from the team there. It was outstanding. An event I will remember for many good reasons despite of few negligible unfavorable happenings.


I was proud being a part. Aiming my values higher up there.



Sumair Lalani

Strecth your Best Curves =)


Hello Friends,

Finally, I entered this much happening world of blogging, that has just happened to me two days ago. Its all fun discovering people and their persona around.

Let me start with a very simple formula! SMILE – Whenever I wanted to stretch out my best curves, I undoubtedly smile. It doesn’t solve uncertainties around but gives me courage to deal things & situations in a cheesy way.

To trigger a super cool idea with yawning mornings, deal with an arid situation, sophisticated problem, or any odds of life the only key to get instant relief is flexing up your muscles & smile.

Ok, so I am leaving you with a food for thought that triggers my senses when ever I turn blue!

2 Heaping cups of patience
1 Heart full of love
2 Hands full of generosity
Dash of laughter
1 Head full of understanding
Sprinkle generously with kindness
Add plenty of faith and mix well.
Spread over a period of a lifetime
And serve everyone you meet.

Awaiting your take on this.

Peace 🙂

An Open Invitation


Warm Welcome Everyone!

“To own a piece of universe is to rule a slice of sky. A grain of sand at your command. Buy yourself a dream instead. Life is for living, not wishing for death.”

These lines from Robert Swindells’ famous play “Brother in The Land” always inspire to me to live every moment, worth living.

My self Sumair Lalani, 20 years of excellence, an ordinary man who was born with the aim of living extraordinary life in the Kohinoor of Karachi. My thirst to be an aspiring Marketing Director starts from my childhood when I spell a magic on everyone to whom I met. I love discovering, working with new people, with a multidimensional aspect. I had a roller coaster journey through out my academics; doing matriculation & intermediate from Science and switching to Business Administration with the mandate that I set in my early days.

Some of my special achievements in last 18 years:

1. Represented i-EARN Learning Circles Professional Development Online Course “USA-Pakistan Culture Exchange Show”.

2. Active member of many social campaigns like Cancer Society, Richness in Diversity organized by Human Resource Development Program.

3. Participated in University of South Wales International Assessment for Schools 2000 (English, Science & Maths).

4. Teaching secondary classes and host teacher of Secondary Teachers Education Program by Institute of Ismaili Studies, London

5. Present my university in Theater Show at Pakistan Youth Festival 2010 organized by Government of Sindh (Ministry of Youth Affairs) at Karachi Arts Council.

6. Received The Jinnah 2010 – Group Leader Award at HREians Appreciation Night at Religious Education Center.

7. Dramatic Arts and Communication Skills execution at different levels.

8. Active Debate Participant & represented university at 5th Quaid-e-Azam Qaumi Conferences 2009, All Karachi English Debate Contest by Baqai Medical University.

9. Funcilitated many sessions, programs, workshops at community level under supervision of eminent trainers Mr. Farhad Karamally & Mr. Sohail Zindani

10. Active participant of training sessions like LearnFest 2010 by Trainee Resource Group; Civil Whispers, Building Persona, Colors of Freedom & many more.

A perfect recipe for wandering soul & wondering mind that rotates every second around people.

To make it short, I am user-friendly 🙂

I welcome you all 🙂